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Postal Jeep

Postal Jeeps were also used in Canada, but many of them were replaced with newer trucks in the 1970's. The example is a used postal jeep on the east coast of Canada into the 1980's, and is now on display at the Canadian Postal Museum in Ottawa.

Moo Moo.  This postal jeep was either hit hard by a flock of birds, or this postal jeep owner really likes cows!


Postal Jeep Model Information 

  • DJ-3A (1955-64): Four cylinder L-head, three speed manual
  • DJ-5 (1965-67): Four cylinder L-head, three speed manual
  • DJ-5A (1968-70): Chevy four cylinder, Powerglide automatic
  • DJ-5B (1970-72): AMC 232 I-6, B-W T-35 three speed automatic
  • DJ-5C (1973-74): AMC 232 I-6, T-35 or M-11 automatic
  • DJ-5D (1975-76): AMC 232 I-6, 727 TorqueFlite automatic
  • DJ-5F (1977-78): AMC 232 I-6, or 258 I-6, TorqueFlite automatic
  • DJ-5G (1979): Audi 121 four cylinder, 904 TorqueFlite automatic
  • DJ-5L (1982): Chevy or Buick 151 four cylinder, Chrysler 904 transmission
  • CJ-8 (1984): Used in Alaska only 258 I-6, Chrysler 999 transmission

Above are Postal Jeep model information for the past 30+ years.



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